Trip down memory lane - FIGHTSTAR live 05-02-2005 some of their 1st ever shows supporting YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO on the Rock Sound club tour.

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My first ever gig “in the pit”, so to speak.

I’d been to quite a few other gigs before this one, but they were generally big ones and I was seated. I got into going to “proper” gigs fairly late, which is a shame. My mum just didn’t like me travelling 2 hours to Manchester on my own. This was my first gig where I was actually within spitting distance of the stage. At the time I thought it was a tiny gig, but I guess I’d call it a bigger gig now, since I’m now used to gigs where there’s like a maximum of 100 people or so haha.

Can’t remember the exact date but it was in October 2006 some time.

The Receiving End Of Sirens
The Blackout

My memory of that night is fairly hazy, since it was quite a while ago now, but I do remember having a fucking amazing time!

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